Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 18th!

In just a couple of hours, our oldest child will turn eighteen.
It just doesn't seem possible.

Where have all the years gone?

Just yesterday we were watching her first steps. Now, in just a few short months, she will be graduating from High School and going across the country for college.

She has transformed from a toddling 1 year-old into to a beautiful young lady while I blinked.

It amazes me how wonderful she is, because I am such an imperfect parent. Her first years were anything but great - I had no clue what I was doing and made so many mistakes.

I am very thankful that God is faithful. (And that means there is still hope for the other five...).

So Happy 18th Birthday to my amazing Katiebug. I love you more than anything. I only wish your daddy was here to celebrate with us.



  1. Happy Birthday. She's a beautiful girl. I know this day is bittersweet for you, Mama. {{hugs}}

  2. Awww, they grow up much too fast for us mamas!

    Happy Birthday young lady!

    My daughter turned 18 in December, and graduated last week. "sigh"


  3. How exciting our girls are turning 18 on the same day! She is so beautiful. Our years together haven't been easy, and I totally relate to being an imperfect parent! Happy Birthday to your little girlie!


  4. Stopping by from the UBP. Your daughter is beautiful! My baby girl is just 3 months and I am positive I am going to blink and she'll be graduating high school too. I am trying to savor every moment- and making plenty of mistakes too :)