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  • Prices change often and without notice. Books are usually only free (or reduced) for a limited time. Always check the price before clicking 'download'.
  • You can read these books, even if you don't have a Kindle, by downloading the free app for your computer or phone. For a full list of apps, please click here. Amazon has just announced a new line of Kindles for as low as $79 or read in color (and lots more!) on a Kindle Fire for only $199.
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Please Note: There are tons of free books available these days, my goal is to try and help you weed through all of the garbage for you. I try to only post books from reputable Christian Publishers. I may occasionally post a book because I know the author or because I have read it and it is 'clean' and/or it is a cookbook or History book. I do not read all of the books and I am not necessarily recommending them (unless I have done a review of said book). I may however, make an occasional mistake. Please let me know if you find something offensive. As a parent, I urge you to preview anything you let your children read!

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  1. Thanks for posting! I got some great books! :)

  2. Thank you for all these clean reading books. So often the free books are not worth reading due to the language and ungodly content.

  3. Hey Athena...I did get a Kindle Fire from Santa and am so happy. So, not sure how or where or how you get commission but a colleague of mine (IT techy) has started writing Christian novels and her first book is only 99cents...havent read it yet, so no review, but she has 4 christian novels out....this first one is a historical novel in Pioneer Phoenix is the link to her amazon page.
    Merry Christmas, love ya, Megan Holterback

  4. Free Dee Henderson? Yes please! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. I read Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren several months ago when it was free. Last week, I bought the other two books in the series - Cascade and Torrent - when they were $2.99 and I can't wait to read them! If they are as good as the first book, I'll be enjoying my reading time for the next week or so.