Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I pray that everyone has a wonderful and blessed year in 2011.

Please continue to pray for our troops and their families.

Special hugs to all my wonderful MilSpouse friends, I am so thankful for each of you!

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Free Kindle books 12/29

I wanted to share these free books before they are gone, because they won't last long! *Please make sure they are still free when you click on 'buy'. *

I know there are still a few free books available from my last two posts (even the games) here and here.

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Here are the freebies for this week:

The Potluck Club (The Potluck Club, Book 1)

The Potluck Club (The Potluck Club, Book 1) 

Happily Ever After (Deep Haven Series #1)

Happily Ever After (Deep Haven Series #1)

Craving God eBook

Craving God eBook 

The Justice Game

The Justice Game 

The Winners Manual

The Winners Manual

This one has been posted before, but it is free again and I really enjoyed it:

Danger in the Shadows
Danger in the Shadows

While not free, EA games for Kindle are half off until January 2nd and are very fun:

EA Solitaire

EA Solitaire for $1.99

EA Texas Hold'em

EA Texas Hold'em  for $1.99


MONOPOLY for $2.49


SCRABBLE for $2.49

EA Sudoku

EA Sudoku for $1.99

Two, not free, but only $2.99 and by my friend Karissa's husband :)

SWEET DREAMS (The Justice of Revenge)
SWEET DREAMS (The Justice of Revenge) 

Dream On (Rise of the Red Dog)
Dream On (Rise of the Red Dog)

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Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and a blessed 2011.



New Orleans and a Four Day Pass

Warning: There will be a lot of pix on this post - so please give it time to load :) 

I am dusting off an older post to join up in the Traveling Tuesday Blog Hop, hosted by Shannon at Eat, Pray, Love, Live

I figured this was a great post, since it is Mardi Gras! I love New Orleans and if given the chance, would go back in a heart beat. I hope we can live there again someday. 

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Happy Mardi Gras and enjoy :) 

I promised some pictures from my trip to New Orleans in November, so I figured I had better follow through. I 'may' be procrastinating just a little bit on after Christmas housework and there is no way I am going to the commissary on a day like this: 

We are supposed to get more... and people wonder why I miss New Orleans!?

Anyway, I hadn't been back to NOLA since we left for Seattle in 1998. My heart broke five years ago after the hurricane, but Soldier boy was in Iraq and I couldn't go help like I wanted. We have lived in a lot of places over our 18 years of marriage, but I think we loved New Orleans best. It felt like home more than any of the others. The people are wonderful and the history amazing. I miss the Creole culture and even Mardi Gras (real Mardi Gras isn't what you see on television).

When we knew that Soldier boy would get a four day pass, we decided to spend it there. He was in Mississippi, so it wasn't much of a drive and I was able to use my frequent flier miles to get a cheap ticket. I rented a nice car (got an upgrade!) and picked him up. I did arrive without my luggage thanks to Denver International, ugh!

We walked all over the French Quarter, including a wonderful three hour walking tour (if you ever go, please check out  Le Monde Creole Tours, they were amazing!), had dinner at all the places I have been dying to go to (Delmonico, Emeril's, and by far the best - K-Pauls!) and we're serenaded on the river walk by an amazing musician. It was a fun four days, not long enough to enjoy my Soldier or the city.

We drove down the coast and stopped at Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis' house in Biloxi.

Then took the street car to Delmonico. I recommend the Bananas Foster :)

Cafe du Monde for breakfast and a walk by the river.

Jackson Square

I love this place!

Oak Alley
River Road and all of the plantations are beautiful.

K-Pauls' was amazing. Our waiter was wonderful and they gave us a military discount and Soldier boy a gift. You must try the blackened drum and the sirloin with debris sauce. We both agreed it was the best food we have ever had.

Our tour was amazing! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The cemeteries are a must do.

Lee Circle
It was so fun to play tourist.

Emeril was in the kitchen. It was so cool!

The devastation still visible after 5 years was heartbreaking. Whole communities just gone.

Saying goodbye.

There is a slight possibility that we will go to Mississippi for two years after this deployment. I really hope it works out. I would probably never come back to Montana. It is just too cold.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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