Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Early Christmas Miracle in the Hall Household

This may come as a shock to my dear family and friends, but I am going to send out Christmas cards this year. Really!

One of the things on my pre-deployment list was to have new family pictures done and we were able to do that at Disney World this past summer. They turned out wonderful and no one even cried ;0) It was also an amazing bargain. If you ever get to Disney World, I totally recommend their professional photo shoots.

Thanks to Shutterfly, my cards are already designed and ordered! I am so far ahead of myself, it is almost a miracle. Now I just have to get them in the mail...

This was the design we picked out before Mark left:

No, this isn't my family. To see one of the pictures we used, visit this page.

I really appreciate how quick and easy Shutterfly is to use. Even someone as creatively challenged as myself can make awesome cards.

Shutterfly also takes the work out of shopping for relatives. For Grandparent presents we will do the photo calendars again this year. They make great gifts and come with birthdays and important dates already in them. That is a big deal when you have as many kids as I do!

Since I won't be able to get a package to Soldier boy before Christmas, he will be getting a coffee mug with the kiddos' faces on it for his birthday. My hubby is such a coffee addict, I have already been instructed to send Starbucks on a regular basis. You would think it is too hot over in the sandbox for coffee...

Up next on my list, addressing all those envelopes. Do you think I could have the kids do that part and call it penmanship class?

*If you are a blogger, find out how you can get 50 free cards from Shutterfly here.


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  1. I just ordered my free ones Athena! Shutterfly was a delight to work with. Glad you are ahead of the curve girl.
    Miss you!