Saturday, August 21, 2010

Checklists & Our Disney Trip - with picture!

I am a planner, so I make lots of lists. I like to be able to check things off. I even have a virtual post-it note program on my computer that I will use because I can line out completed tasks.

The big thing on my pre-deployment checklist was new family photos. The baby turned three this past month and we hadn't done pictures since before she was born. I know, bad mom. During our trip to Disney World we had a wonderful photo shoot at the Polynesian resort. We had a great time, took over 120 pictures, have them all on CD and it wasn't expensive (bonus!). 

So, here is our new family photo. If you are on my Chistmas card list, you will be seeing this pic again :)

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. You have a beautiful family, Athena. Just remember that I am a phone call or a SKYPE call away. You are all in my prayers. ~Barbara