Friday, August 20, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-in #9

Head on over to Wife of a Sailor to join in on the fun!

1.If you could be a fugitive from the law for whatever reason, what would your crime be?  (from It's a Hooah Life)

I am so not a criminal mastermind. If I ever was a fugitive it would be for something stupid like tp-ing the LTs car or something...

2.How long do you think you will be a military family? (from Julie the Army Wife)

Until we die... Seriously, I will probably be one of those old ladies in the commissary that can't reach the top shelf. I promise to not have the blue hair.

3.What’s your favorite recipe? (from Keep Calm and Soldier On)

Irish Oatmeal Soda Bread (however, the 14yo and I have changed it a bit from the original). We eat a lot of it at our house throughout the year. You must have Irish Butter (costs an arm and leg, even at the commissary) on it and enjoy it hot from the oven!

4.What would you want your last five words to be when you leave this life? (from My Goal is Simple)

I did what I could. (See She Did What She Could (SDWSC): Five Words of Jesus That Will Change Your Life)

5.Where do you hope to retire? (from Pennies from Heaven)

I have always wanted to go back to Seattle and get a condo close to Pike Place Market. If we have $ (which I am sure will have all gone to six different universities by then), I would love to go to Ireland. I think Mark may have other plans though and after our trip to Disney World, I think I better start mentally preparing for the heat and humidity now.

Happy Friday!



  1. I really like your answer to #4 (thanks for the link) and I must try your bread recipe. Looks delicious!

  2. I love your "last words!"

    Thanks for participating and I hope to see you back next week!

  3. I've always wanted to go to Ireland too. The hubs promises me that some day...

  4. Awww I love your answer to #2! I have a love/hate relationship with the old women in the commissary! Also love you answer to #1 :)

  5. LOL @ your number 2! They are the sweetest ladies though. Well, most of them. And your last words were awesome as well.

    Thanks for stopping by today! My husband is from New Orleans so I try to make as many hometown favs as I can. And with my MIL's help, I've been doing pretty darn good :)

  6. I love, LOVE your last words. And your TPing cars cracked me up. =)

  7. Haha, I've seen those old ladies at the commissary... I hope your retirement dreams can come true :) I currently live in the Seattle area and I love it here!