Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday 8-31-11 #WW

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So Murphy has become my new best friend during this deployment...

First it was $800 worth of car repairs, then it was a new hot water heater (at 2 am), then a hard drive for my laptop, next it was a new fuel pump for the suburban and a windshield.

I really thought I was through, that I had reached my quota of crazy things that I couldn't even make up.

But I was wrong...

This week, it was an emergency vet visit at 11pm and a $300 bill - thanks to the porcupine that has taken up residence in our backyard.

If you have time, please come and visit. I am the one in the corner - wearing the straight jacket - muttering to myself about normal and wanting my mommy.

It may be time for another Starbucks Pity Party...



  1. JAW. DROPPED. OPEN! That's insane. Never seen anything like that before except on a cartoon. Poor pooch! Was he in pain? How's the vet get them out?


  2. OMG, i was staring at it going does he have nails?? poor baby! I hope on the mend now! sorry about the vet bill!!

  3. Poor thing! I hope you both have a better week beginning today. :)

  4. Oh no, poor puppy!!!! I hope you are ok, keep it together. You can do it (:

  5. That Murphy--he's just no fun!! Your poor doggie. That looks so painful.

  6. Poor baby! I can only imagine the pain he was in! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery, for the both of you!