Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday - Murphy Strikes Again

If you are a MilSpouse, you will totally get that every thing waits to break until the service member deploys. In fact, we have already had our share of breakdowns and I even had my own pity party last week.

Such was the case with our hot water heater last night - 2:30 am to be exact...

lovely cell phone pic of our ancient (now dead) water heater

Thankfully, I was up late skyping with my hero and heard a noise when I got up to lock doors and turn off all the lights. (How old do kids have to be before they learn to turn them off?) Because the Soldier was still online, I was able to call him - thank Jesus for the wonderful skype cell phone app!- and have him walk me through what to do. I was able (with a little lot of help from the 13 year-old) to get it drained and pretty much cleaned up.

Now I have something else to add to my list of things I hate about deployment.

Off to do mountains of wet (and now smelly) laundry... 

I hope your week is better than mine!

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  1. Oh you poor thing! Hope nothing else major goes wrong while your hubby is deployed - you need a break! :)

    WW: Dragon Princess

  2. Oh my gosh...I totally feel your pain, but it wasn't with a water heater. Mine was with mice. As soon as my husband left for his first deployment, 9 months after we got married and 3 months after moving into our house, we had a mouse infestation. Horrible. Thank goodness for my Dad who came out and put poison out and came 1-2 times a week to "clean up". Horrible. Glad you were able to get things cleaned up and he was available to talk.