Friday, July 29, 2011

Military Friday 7-29-11

Almost missed it again! Fridays just seem to get away from me. That and the fact that we were out way too late last night (I took four of the kiddos to Military Night at the Last Chance Stampede and Rodeo and didn't get back to town until 1am) and got up way too early this morning (to meet a Blue Angel pilot - so worth it). I am exhausted and may have to sleep in tomorrow to catch up. 

Abby and the really cool, super awesome Blue Angel pilot
In case you missed the last post, I am getting ready to fly out to Nashville for the MOPS International Convention, so I will be MIA for a week or so. I am actually going to be on stage in front of 3,000 or so women and would love your prayers. I hope to see many of you there!

 And now for the MilSpouse Friday Fill-in, hosted as always, by the amazing Wife of a Sailor

Facebook or Twitter?

I use Twitter for ‘work’, but I love Facebook. It is so much more personal. I spend way too much time on Facebook and probably need detox and a 12 step program.

Hard Tacos or Soft Tacos?

Hard. Love the crunch.

Gardening or crafting?

Neither. I hate crafts with a passion. I avoid craft stores, lest I end up in the fetal position rocking back in forth in the isle. Too many chances for injury with all those paper cutters and glue guns…

While I don’t garden, the Little Soldier  (11) has one every year. He has a blast and we are getting ready to have fresh cabbage with dinner when he gets home from camp.

Fruit or vegetables?

Vegetables. However, I have been trying to make myself eat more fruit.

Motorcycle or bicycle?

I haven’t been on a bike in a very long time…

Linking up for the MilSpouse Weekly Roundup with A Creed and a Psalm:

Have a wonderful weekend!



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