Friday, June 10, 2011

MilSpouse Friday 6-11-11

Wow, it feels like forever since I have done MilSpouse Friday. May was a long month and kept me way too busy. The Soldier is gone and back in the sandbox, but he was able to be home for the oldest's graduation. (You can see the news about her graduation here and here.

I pray that the rest of this deployment will be very uneventful (i.e. no more broken appliances) and go quickly. I am so ready for him to be home!  

Next week will be a hit or miss blogging week, as I am traveling to see a specialist for my health problems. I really appreciate your prayers and if you have a minute, say an extra one for my mom who will be watching the kiddos. 

For all of you who come over for the free and bargain Kindle books, the latest post is here, with more on my Facebook page. 

And now... The MilSpouse Friday Fill-In!

Again, a big thanks to Wifey at Wife of a Sailor for hosting every week. I really enjoy getting to know everyone a little better. 

Photo from National Trust for Scotland
  1. When you vacation what type of vacation do you like to take (beach, historic, adventurous, food oriented, etc.)? submitted by Megan Dub-Yuh

    Food is always good… Seriously, I love history and always want to visit historic sites when we are on vacations. I would love to visit the battlefields in Scotland and the GPO in Dublin, Ireland.

  2. What is your best memory associated with a song (you know we all have tons!) submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife

    When I was about 8 years old, we took a road trip from Montana to Georgia and one of the big songs that summer was Honeycomb by Gary Morris. My sister and I would start singing it every time it came on the radio and keep singing it even after my dad changed the station. We drove him nuts for days.

  3. If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with your time? submitted by Married to the Army

    Work on my book. It might actually get done if I had nothing else to do.

  4. What is one thing about you that people do NOT typically notice at first that you wish they would? submitted by Our Motto is Patience

    My amazing super model legs. Um, yeah... just kidding!!

  5. …. submitted by The Three TurnersIt’s a summer of sequels, and if you had to live in one of each of the following “worlds” (there are three total) which would you choose and why? 

–X-Men: Be a Mutant, what would your power be?

–Harry Potter: Be a Witch or Muggle?

–Twilight: Be a Vampire or Werewolf?

I suppose I would have to pick Harry Potter, since that is where the kiddos would be :) 

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  1. Hahaha I wish people would notice my super model legs too! Of maybe I just wish I had them. I think the Mil Spouse Roundup is at this week. Nothing has been posted yet, but she references it in an earlier post.

  2. Best answer EVER for #3. I change my answer to that! :) I write my book in spurts & its driving me crazy. I just want a chunk of time to sit down with no other obligations so I can finish the darn thing.

    Sammie @