Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free ebooks 12/16

Can you believe it is almost Christmas? I am still not done shopping for all the kiddos. It is not easy with six of them! Thank goodness for Amazon and their wonderful prime shipping. The boxes are piling up in my bedroom just waiting for me to get motivated to wrap them. How about you? Are you done with all your shopping or are you a last minute person like me?

While you are here, stop by today's guest blog and enter to win a pearl necklace. I love jewelry, almost as much as free books :)

Also, if you missed them, there are still a few freebies from my last book post here

(Please, check the price before you download, they don't stay free for long. Also, if you need to download an app for your iphone or laptop, click here.)

 And now, the freebies: 

Unwrapping Christmas

Unwrapping Christmas 

Conspiracy in Kiev (Russian Trilogy, Book1)

A Gift of Grace: A Novel 

Last Light 

For the kiddos: 

Jed and Roy McCoy, A Christmas Story 

Natalie Wants a Puppy

And if you like to play games on your Kindle here is a new fun one:


Please take a moment and let me know if you download these by leaving a comment and let your friends know by "sharing the love" on Facebook or Twitter. If you would like to get updates when new posts are up, please 'like' my Facebook page. I also post the occasional free ebook when I don't have time to blog :) 

Remember to come over every day through Christmas for 12 Pearls of Christmas guest bloggers and giveaway.



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  1. Thanks for coming out for the round-up, I love your Blog title! Wow..6 kids, your my hero.

  2. Thanks, Athena! I just downloaded several of the books that you suggested. I was looking for some good Christmas reading! I love your blog! Nice work! I'll be sure to visit often!


  3. Every time I read your blog I get closer and closer to buying myself a Kindle!

    And no, I cannot believe it's almost Christmas. Not enough time!

    Have yourself a very merry Christmas!