Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We are going to Disney World!

I am in the midst of planning a trip for our family of eight to Walt Disney World in Florida. The thought excites me and scares me to death at the same time. I keep imagining all the fun we will have and then I have visions of a screaming two year old who needs a nap and my cranky teenagers having an attitude because they can't wander around alone.

I am actually very excited and because we are a military family, we are getting an awesome deal on tickets and hotel. If you are a military family, check out for all the details. 

I discovered a trick to getting the military tickets without paying tax. You need to buy them from your installation ITT office. Now we are at Malmstrom and it is too small to have anything, so I tried Minot & Fairchild with no success. The operator at Minot sent me to IT and that poor guy wasn't too happy with my Disney questions... However, the awesome staff at Beale AFB was more than happy to help me out and will ship my tickets overnight via Fed Ex. That way, we don't have to worry about making a trip to Shades of Green once we get there.

Because of the discount, we are staying at 'moderate' resort instead of a 'value'. It is themed like New Orleans and they have beignets in the food court. We spent 18 months in NOLA and our middle child was born there, so she is excited to stay at this resort. I am just excited about the beignets...

While at Disney, we will be doing is having professional pictures done. This has been on my list of things to do before deployment and I have been procrastinating. I have chosen the beach setting at the Polynesion resort and you can't beat the price either. It will be nice to have one more thing off the pre-deployment check list.

Since I am going to Orlando for MOPS Convention, Mark will be flying home with six kids. I will spend the next week with great friends, enjoying every kid free moment! I do have this fear that he will lose at least one during their three hour layover in MSP. Prayers appreciated!

P.S. I would really appreciate any tips/ideas/what not to do advice for WDW!



  1. We stayed at them one too in the Fall. Did you get the food plan too? It is cheap and well worth it. Our favorite dinner spot was at Epcot by the Eiffel Tower. The food was amazing and lots of fun! Have a great time. Are you trying to get a trip in before your husband leaves?

  2. We are doing the food plan too. Made reservations for several places. I figure we will eat our way around Disney World!
    When we get back, Mark leaves for AT for three weeks and then has two weeks home before deployment.