Friday, May 21, 2010

A Second Look...

As a mom of six, I will admit, some days are rough. Especially when you factor in a couple of teenagers and a toddler. It isn't always fun being a mom, but I am very thankful for the blessings that God has given me.

This week, our community lost a young girl. She was a fellow homeschooler and we had attended the same church for several years. My heart is breaking for this family and I can't even fathom the pain they are going through. I have lost loved ones, even a parent, but I pray that I will not outlive any of my children. 

I was rear ended by a 17 year old boy last week. As he talked to his father on his cell phone, I could hear both sides of the conversation and it broke my heart. Kids are kids and they will make mistakes. How we react as parents can make or break a relationship. I don't ever want to be that screaming parent on the other end of the phone.

These two events have made me take a second look at things and not be (or try not to be) as harsh and grumpy with my kids as I can be - especially with dad gone. They are kids and life is too short.

So will you excuse me? I am going to go hug on and cuddle with my kids for a while.

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