Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Books - Two of my favorite words together!

Ever since I found out that I could download Kindle books to my PC, I have been addicted. It got even better when I realized how many FREE books were available. While I love to read (it is a nice 'escape' for a little while), I can devour a book in a matter of hours and that adds up. So in order to make my husband happy and not spend any money, I have been trying to search weekly on Amazon for free Kindle books.

And just in case any family is reading this, I would really like a real Kindle and my birthday is coming up ;0)

Here are the FREE Kindle books I found this week:
(Please note that these change all the time, so  it may not be free by the time you download it.)

The First Drop of Rain by Leslie Parrott

Breach of Trust by DiAnn Mills
I did just finish this one and it was pretty good. I will probably download the next one in the series.

Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by Dr. Kevin Leman
I have not read this book, but have heard him speak at MOPS Convention and really enjoyed it!

Proper Pursuit, A by Lynn Austin
Haven't read, but looking forward to it!

Prayer by Philip Yancy

Editing to add one more:

Snow Melts in Spring by Deborah Vogts



  1. I didn't realize that your husband had deployed! Hope the next year and a half flies for you!!!

  2. Hi Susy - Nice to see you :)
    Mark is working temp orders at Fort Harrison for now, working the Yellow Ribbon Program. His orders are for 408 days and he will be leaving this fall. I am not sure which is worse, having him so close but we can't be there or having him in Iraq.