Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday - Canada!

Silly me assumed that the Soldier would have been home by now, so I planned a getaway for the two of us to celebrate our 19th Anniversary (which was actually back in September).

I *may* have planned the trip to catch a show by one of my favorite tenors, John McDermott.

Well, since the Soldier is still gone, I decided to just go for one night. I couldn't waste front row seats, could I? 

And, I decided to take the 13 year-old with me. Because:

A - she is young enough that she doesn't need a passport
B - she is old enough to behave herself at the show
C - she is strangely obsessed with Canada. 

Hey, I never claimed any of them were normal...

It is a short drive, but we had fun talking and listening to her music. Which I really don't understand... 

I am starting to sound like my mother. 

We hit the mall (stores we don't have are always a treat!), had dinner and then attended the concert. The next morning, we slept in, had breakfast and then she went down the water slide about ten times. Of course, we stopped by the mall again on our way back to the border. 

I wanted to bring these signs home with me...
I still want to get away with the Soldier when he gets home. We will need the time to reconnect without the noise and demands of six children.  

I am thinking Oregon in March would be nice.

 And yes, I have already checked the concert schedules... 
I may need professional help!

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  1. Canada is a pretty great place to be obsessed with, I like it (and live in that province, too :)
    Glad you made the best of it!

  2. I recognize that border crossing with the dinosaurs. Don't you love how neat and orderly Canadian towns are? The ones on our side have so many junk cars, etc. lying around. Glad you had a good time...........Denise