Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday #WW - Seattle!

First, I want to say a big thank you to Brea at Utterly Chaotic Designs for my new look! She was wonderful (I am not easy to work with) and has the best prices on the web (trust me, I looked). And she has an amazing military discount.
Not all of the pages are up and going yet, I promise to get everything done soon...

But I am leaving in the morning for Seattle!
Photo borrowed from Wikipedia :)
Unfortunately, it is only for a few days and it is to see a new specialist - but I will get to see my Soldier!! He is still on a medical hold and trying hard to get sent to a Community Based Warrior Transition Unit, so he can have his surgeries at home.

Don't miss my current contests while you are here. Enter to win a copy of Susan May Warren's Baby, It's Cold Outside and Laurie Alice Eakes A Necessary Deception.

October's list still has some free books on it (please check prices before you download, so there aren't any surprises!) and I promise a new list the first week of November.

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  1. Love the new look! Brea always does a great job:)

    Have a great time in the Emerald City. I think it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully you'll have a little sunshine while you're here! I'll actually be in Seattle this weekend so I'll keep an eye out for you on the streets!

  2. Brea is amazing. I love the colors and design. So fresh!

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  4. Sorry about that! Haha! For some reason it didn't sign me back in like it was supposed to. I am officially signed out of your account and signed back into my own.. LOL.

    I am so happy you love your design! I had a lot of fun creating it for you! :)