Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beautiful Day

Don't pass out, I know two posts in one day is a lot. Heck, I don't normally post twice in a week anymore, but I just couldn't resist sharing these pictures. 

It was a beautiful and quiet Sunday, so I took 5 of the 6 to the pond. (I wish college girl could have come, but she is working or something. The only way I know she still lives with us is that I find her clothes throughout the house on a regular basis.)  

 We fed the ducks and the geese.

 And the babies are out.
 Aren't they cute?

 The swans are beautiful.
Trying to take a pic of all of us!
It was nice to get out and not have to worry about anything. Usually, I am going a million miles an hour and I miss out on the fun.

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday as well. 


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