Friday, October 29, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #19

It has been a long week - I am so thankful it is Friday! We are about 40 days into this deployment (only 360 to go), but it feels like much longer. In a few short days, I will be flying off to meet Soldier boy in our favorite city (New Orleans!) for his 4 day pass (before he heads to the sandbox). I can't wait to see him, but I hate the thought of saying goodbye all over again.

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Questions for this week:  

1. What’s the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you? 
This is a tough one, because there have been so many. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is the anonymous card with cash I got in the mail when Soldier boy was off at training and our daughter fractured her skull. I don't know who sent it and the post mark wasn't anything I recognized, but it was something that we desperately needed at the time. If my 'angel' is reading this, thank you :) 

2. If you are having a hard time going to sleep, what do you do to help yourself?
I never sleep. Not when Soldier boy is home, not when he is gone. I try to play soothing music at night, but I am not sure it helps or makes it worse. I have tried reading, but I hate to put a good book down, so then I stay up even later. Could be all the caffeine in my system or the stress of having six children... I am looking forward to everyone's answers. Maybe I will find something that works!

3. Name something that makes you wish you were a kid again.
Disney World :)  I don't mind being an adult, but I wish I didn't have to be the responsible person all the time. I don't want to pay bills or clean house or cook... I would love to have a summer off... I would like to be brutally honest like my kids sometimes. Like the next time someone says, "How are you doing?" - I would really like to tell them, in detail, how much deployments suck - instead of saying, "fine". 

4. What is something you never believed until you experienced it?
Two things...
a. How much you could really, truly love another human being - then I became a mother. It is impossible to explain to anyone who isn't a parent.
b. The relationships and sisterhood that I have gained through MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). I can't begin to express how thankful I am for these women. Love you girls!

5. What can’t you say “no” to?
Chocolate, especially dark chocolate. But it has to be the real stuff, not the junk that is all over right now for Halloween. M & M's do not count, they are for potty training toddlers. I love that the commissary has Belgium & German chocolates. So yummy! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. My mom doesn't sleep either. Even with an Ambien she only sleeps about 4 hours. I'm starting to have a harder time sleeping and I think I'm becoming like her!

  2. Wow, your stranger story had me tearing up a bit there. How lovely!

  3. Yah yes...Disneyworld! To be young and carefree again....but now we get to live through our kids.

  4. What an amazing thing a stranger did for you. I can't wait (and parts of me can) to become a mother and experience that kind of love everyone talks about :)

  5. Poekitten: Well after reading all the other blogs today, I think I am going to try Advil PM. Hopefully it will work.
    L: I wish I knew who it was and how they found out... The only thing I can think of are the people hubby was in training with in VA.
    Goodnight moon: We went to Disney World with the kids this summer. I want to go back with just hubby when he gets home :)
    Kaylee: It is amazing :) A bit of advice (at the risk of sounding like the old ladies at the commissary!) - don't rush it. Enjoy couple time for a while.